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Network Support

Network Support

For the first 2 weeks after installation of your device, we will assist you free of charge on any service that we have installed/configured.

Why do we offer this service?

Over the years we have had customers who have been told by their IT department that an issue with printing/scanning is the copiers fault and they call us to be told no it’s an IT issue and so on. This can keep going backwards and forwards for a long time. We have decided to cut out this issue and just get the fault fixed (if possible) so that you remain productive and can keep running your business.

What do we do?

For a small quarterly charge of £75 +VAT we will diagnose the problem over the telephone and if required log in to a supervised PC to try and rectify the issue. If this cannot be done remotely then we will send one of our Network Engineers to resolve the problem in person.

What if I don’t take the service but need support?

If you decide not to take this additional service then any IT related issues (printing/scanning) which can be fixed over the telephone, and are not the fault of the copier are charged at £125 per hour +VAT for remote support (telephone/remote log-in) and on-site visits.

In order to provide the best possible levels of service, we offer a Helpdesk facility to resolve IT related issues quickly and effectively. As part of this service from time to time we may request, or you may ask us, to remotely access your IT infrastructure or equipment for the purposes of training, loading of print/scan drivers & their associated configuration, or the alteration of settings to equipment supplied by ourselves.

After the first 2 weeks, we offer all our customers covered by a Sales Service & Supplies Agreement, but not a Network Support Contract, up to 15 minutes of free helpdesk support.

If that work exceeds 15 minutes, then a charge of £125 per hour +VAT becomes due. The helpdesk engineer that is working with you, will advise you when your inital 15 minutes has expired and will request an email from you confirming your acceptance of the £125 per hour +VAT should you wish for them to continue working on your issue.

Should we be unable to resolve any issue via our Helpdesk Facility, you may in addition be advised that a site visit is required, and this will be charged at £125.00 per hour of IT related support, whilst a Cbe Solutions engineer is on site.